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We’re BIVOWAK SOLUTIONS also known as Bilbybags - an Australian family business that’s all about Cadets, Outdoor Adventure and great travel.

Who We Are

Bivowak Solutions is your one-stop home for all the equipment and supplies/gear that your Cadets serving Navy, Army, Air Force and participants of Duke of Edingburgh Awards, will ever need. Producing Molle Pouches, Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Hydration Bags, and much more. We can start a relationship which will have your Cadets flourishing for years to come! 


We’re Bivowak Solutions also known as Bilbybags - an Australian family business that’s all about Cadets, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Outdoor Adventure and great travel. We’ve had a family full of Cadets and with over 20 years experience, we’ve come to understand what every Cadet and Outdoor Adventurer needs - convenience, affordability and products you can trust with outstanding performance. It's taken lots of hard work and the efforts of family, friends and our Cadet community to make Bivowak Solutions a reality and we love that our products have met with the approval of Cadet Leaders, Cadets and Adventurers across the country.


The Bilbybags hydration pack comes in 2lt and 3lt models. Its construction is rugged and reliable. Its primary material is heavy grade nylon, combined with padded support covered in a loose-weave netting to keep your back cool. The clips and gear loops are made of heavy plastic with integrated elastic and Velcro strap holders to keep excess harness lengths out of the way. The bladder sits in the upper compartment and includes a generous mouth that makes for easy filling and emptying. The cap which turns a full 360 degrees to seal ensures no errant water leaks. The removable bladder with integrated hanging handle means the bladder can also be taken out and suspended in-camp, or easily placed in the interior of a larger pack. Its hydration arm is covered in wetsuit fabric for protection, and terminates in a closable valve to prevent water loss. The mouthpiece is also detachable to make cleaning easier. In addition to the water compartment. The Bilbybags hydration pack boasts a second gear compartment with three rows of eternal loops to allow for pairing with other military equipment. All this makes the Bilbybags hydration pack an excellent choice for Bivs, short hikes, day walks and longer trips when paired with larger packs if need be.showcase your store’s happy customers.


Last night my son and I slept in our cold room using sleeping bags and the 2 Sleeping Mats you sent. I was able to turn our cold room down to nearly 0 degrees Celsius.  There are also 3 big recirculation fans in our cold room which keeps the air moving constantly at 10km/hr approximately, so if feels colder than 0.  The apparent temperature (with wind chill) might have been -7 or -8. My son used your Microfibre Mummy Style Sleeping Bag. When he first wriggled into the sleeping bag he felt a little warm. As the night went on and we both cooled down. My son ended up being very comfortable in his sleeping bag. He didn’t even have to tighten the hood and had his face exposed all night.

The mats were great. These were actually the most comfortable lightweight mats I’ve ever slept on. They appeared to be tough and comfortable. It was nice to have a built-in pillow that’s not a bad size. Not too slippery, even in the sleeping bags.



The Bilbybags hutchie is everything you’ve come to expect from this tested piece of military gear, but better. As per all standard military shelters, the hutchie is 2.63m x 1.86m and constructed of UV treated 201T poly ripstop which is both 100% waterproof and rot and mould resistant. As well as six stake loops on its long edges, Bilbybags hutchie has reinforced corners and copper press duds that allow it to be paired with a second or more hutchies to provide extended shelter. The resulting ‘roofline’ is designed to
overlap with other hutchies to preserve its wet weather integrity and the combines webbing loops allow for a centreline cord to be added for additional support. Where this hutchie exceeds previous models is the inclusion of a built-in zippered compartment. This allows the shelter to be easily packed away in a gear bag that sits neatly at the bottom of any pack. When erected the same compartment serves as a hanging bag handy for keeping torches and other small essentials in an easy to find location. The Bilbybags hutchie combines everything this classic piece of combat hardware boasts with additional features that set it above the market standard.